IMT-Nagpur for Akshar is indeed “a home away from home”

I always thought why would they say this? Is it really possible to feel at home at a place which is completely new and became a part of your life till only a few months ago? But, to the contrary, this is what has come true for me at IMT. IMT is not just another ‘B-School’, but an experience. It is an experience which can only be explained by being here. The sights and sounds, trees and birds, the air and sky, it is a place where your imagination runs wild, and ideas sprout. Be it late night badminton, or the parties on the terrace, the roaming on the streets or the group-studies in the library, I never knew what I was missing, till I came here.

A completely residential course teaches you much more than just academics. It is about making friends and building relationships and acquiring many other skills which would otherwise not be possible. That is why it is called ‘holistic’. The events never seem to end, the assignments never finish, the days seem so short and so much remains undone. The pace of it all always leaves you gasping for breath. But, we must learn to run, and run fast. Stay ahead of time, which waits for none.

Milestone 34, Melange, Arthvyuh, Ranbhoomi, Guest Lectures, Industry Visits, Outbound programs… so much has come to pass and so much remains. There is always an anticipation of ‘what’s next?’ and how I can be a part of it. Adding to these, are the various competitions periodically organised by various forums, and trust me, winning one of them exponentially increases one’s morale. You learn the practical applications of the concepts by doing things like they would be in real life. Games and simulations all complement academics like they should.

The most important thing though is our constant endeavour, the will to learn and an enthusiasm which will truly enable us to “Lead the Future.”

– Akshar Tanu