IMT, Nagpur Convocation: 300 Grads Get Inspired

Mr. Sunil Mittal, Founder, Chairman and Group CEO of Bharati Enterprises graced the convocation of IMT, Nagpur this year with an inspiring address. 11th March, 2011 saw the stalwart of telecommunication render a stimulating speech to the graduating class of Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur. Mr Mittal had in his audience esteemed listeners like Mr. Kamal Nath, President, IMT. Mr. Mittal’s address included topics ranging from telecommunication, working for social impact and ofcourse treading towards where your heart leads you.

Mr. Sunil Mittal made three very important points in his speech. This three pronged approach could lead them to the pinnacles of success. He told them about the power of technology, the need for inclusion in India’s economy and a career choice that is a result of following the heart.

[slideshow]Talking about the simplification of technology in this day and age, Mr. Mittal emphasised, “Technology will hold the key and it is not just for IT itself. This will be true for chemicals, banking, pharmaceuticals or any industry.” He deliberated upon his own space of work, telecommunications and told the students how health care and education were the focus points for a better tomorrow where mobile technology was concerned. Providing medical care and health solutions over the phone make them accessible to millions who need to travel 30-40 kms for a simple problem. Likewise, education would be the next area to get a foot hold in the telecommunication space. Mr. Mittal talked about the new association between Bharati Enterprises and SBI for the new interface which allows people to purchase and transfer money at a sans ‘ATM’ scenario, in small shops. This is to bridge the wide gap between the need for more monetary points and lack of bank branches and ATMs.

Mr. Mittal spoke about the upsurge in the Indian economy and the bright growth figures of 8-9% each year. He stressed on the need for inclusion while this growth happened, as there would be no point if millions in the country would not be gainfully employed in the next 30 years. While India is slated to be the third largest economy and does not need to grapple with consumption like some other countries, there is a definite need to create employment amongst the less privileged.

The address ended on an affable note. He told all the passing out students that they must do what their hearts desire. Follow their heart and they will never go wrong. Mr. Mittal said, “I’m a living example of following my heart. THAT is the difference between doing what you like, and liking what you do.” He spoke about the advantage of a free social space and the simplified use of technology these days, making life easier for students to make a decision which is from the heart.