IMT Nagpur Celebrates Arthavyuh 2011 with gusto

 “Finaholics”, the Finance Forum of IMT Nagpur, successfully celebrated their premier chapter of Arthavyuh 2011, on October 8th and 9th, in their Nagpur Campus. The event showcased their best brains fighting over finance games, guest lectures shared by eminent personalities, panel discussions, movie screening etc. The participants had a gala time, filled with fun as well as unique learning opportunities. If you have not been able to make it to the event this time, we provide you a glimpse of the event here.

“Financial Distress: Today’s Challenges and Tomorrow’s Opportunities”, was the theme for Arthavyuh 2011. With the current turmoil in the World Economy, it is of paramount consequence that we understand our future; the challenges and the prospects that lie ahead. As aptly said, that every challenge possess an opportunity to create something new for the future. Similarly, one who learns from today’s agony, and changes his course of life accordingly, eventually turns out to be a future winner. In this respect, the theme was aptly coined for this year’s event. The whole event provided a close look on the philosophies of country’s different financial institutions in this current economy, and highlighted their efforts in embracing the new reality and come out victorious.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Ajit Banerjee, Vice President, Finance & Investments, Bharti AXA General Insurance, in presence of faculty members Mr. Pawan Jain and Kulbir Singh.

Mr. Ajit Banerjee gave his inaugural speech on Macro Economic View of the Economy and the Overview of the Debt Equity Market V1. He spoke about World Economic Scenario, the macroeconomic view of the Indian economy, debt and equity market review of Indian financial market and strategizing from an investor’s perspective. Mr. Ajay Sharma, Mr. Akhil Katre, and Mr. Sonesh Bahel were also present in the inaugural ceremony.

The very idea of Arthavyuh 2011 was to provide a common platform to eminent scholars, corporate, academicians and brilliant young minds together to explore and build up different possibilities in the future financial world. The next two days were full of serious discussions, passionate debates, fun filled moments and most importantly provided a unique platform for inter personal interactions.

The event created euphoria amongst students and participants were thrilled after the event. ” One word that comes to my mind when I think of Finaholics game is ‘phandu’…it showed us the application of the concepts taught to us in class and also let us know where we stand in terms of financial knowledge and current affairs, ” told Nitish Jadhav, winner of FINQ. Akshar, the student manager of the event, echoed the same sentiment. “Smart Finance is a great way to learn as it uses practical applications in an interactive manner. It is enjoyable and insightful not only for the audience but also for the creators. Great initiative!!” Another student manager, Kanishk, who had been in the helm of the affairs for last two days, was equally excited about the event like his counterpart and told us, “Arthvyuh 2011 was not only a hit among the students but the guest lecturers and invitees who graced the event were also enthusiastic about it.”

And he was not at all wrong, as evident from the remarks of Mr. Akhil Katre, a beaming Guest Lecturer from IMT Nagpur, “Arthavyuh was a good platform which made me relive my college days and I really enjoyed it”.