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How IMT Nagpur Builds Corporate-Ready Professionals

Stepping into the corporate world is a big achievement for students. Therefore it is important that you look for the best b-schools that will prepare you for the corporate world. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for something specific like the top PGDM colleges in Nagpur with placement or not, the learning should be the priority.

That is what students are prioritising when looking for PGDM in marketing, Post-graduation in business management, PGDM in finance or any other specialisation. So, how can a student be prepared for the corporate world? As is the case with students, the companies that employ them also have certain expectations. If there are discrepancies in meeting those expectations, problems will arise. It is, therefore, important to understand and work on them as early as possible.

What Are the Companies Looking for in a Graduate?

Simply described, it is a blend of soft skills and functional abilities, with a focus on the former. Functional and practical job skills such as information processing and management, arithmetic abilities, data analytics, organisational management, design and planning, and human services  are largely necessary. 

Individuals in certain industries such as sales, marketing, finance, or software development must learn unique skills essential for their respective fields. As a result, they can excel in their field of specialisation.

In reality, most organisations would completely disregard functional features as long as a person has the appropriate intellect, soft skills, and ethical principles. It is due to the fact that functional skills are easy to learn. But behavioural characteristics are difficult to modify.

As a result, a new employee with high ethical and interpersonal skills is considerably more likely to succeed in any business context. On the other hand, individuals who are functionally trained but lack soft skills and find it difficult to get along with others in a group setting or are unwilling to listen to others.

The question then arises; how can b-schools train students to ensure that they not only have the soft skills and functional abilities but also excel in the technical aspects of their fields as well? And which institute teaches them all of it?

The Role of B-Schools in Preparing Students for the Corporate World

Since the list’s inception in 2011, India’s position in the employability rating has been rather uneven. It still only has three universities in the top 150, indicating that it is struggling to gain the reputation with employers that other Asian countries have. 

The abilities in many occupations will require continuous upgrading in today’s digital environment, and it has become hard to predict which of them will alter tomorrow, and in which way. While digital skills are increasingly recognised by recruiters, institutes must instil in their students the ability to adapt and continue learning.These will be critical qualities for success in not only coping with but thriving in a changing workplace. Collaboration between universities and industries will also become more important to offer students the essential on-the-ground experience.

But not all institutes are faltering behind. Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Nagpur, one the TOP MANAGEMENT COLLEGES IN NAGPUR or central India is working in tandem with established names in the industry to prepare students to find their footing in the corporate world.

Initiatives by Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Nagpur in Making Students Corporate-Ready

The PGDM programs of IMT Nagpur are designed to help students grow into industry managers and leaders. These programs provide information to and develop expertise among its students in understanding how an organisation functions and how they can boost efficiency and productivity.

IMT Nagpur combines academic knowledge with practical business features, helping students thoroughly comprehend themes and their implications for organisational strategy. IMT Nagpur is a pioneer among management colleges in Nagpur in creating industry-oriented curriculum. 

Because of its high teaching standards, practical learning modules, and engagement of industry experts on the ground, IMT Nagpur is regarded as one of the top PGDM colleges in Nagpur with excellent placement.

IMT Nagpur has a list of advantages over other b-schools, the most important among them is the fact that it makes students corporate ready with activities and features like:

  • Specialized Certifications: Soft skills are an important aspect of strengthening one’s ability to work with others and may help you advance in your profession. IMT-N has collaborated with industry experts to equip students with certification programmes in cutting-edge fields such as business analytics, lean six sigma, interpersonal and soft skills, to mention a few. 

Leading industry specialists like KPMG, SAP, NSE, IBM, and Dale-Carnegie offer these certificate programmes. Such credentials not only provide students with an advantage over their peers, but they also prepare them for the workforce. The soft skills learned in these courses will guarantee that students are well equipped for the difficulties that lie ahead.

  • Corporate Engagement: A good management institute is defined mostly by its capacity to provide industry interface to its students that help in enhancing practical knowledge and prepares them for the corporate world. Over the course of an academic year, IMT-Nagpur invites on an average over 100 senior business experts for student interaction. 

Apart from industry guest lectures, which are a part of most courses, the Institute offers business engagement sessions for students. Furthermore, as part of the course delivery, students are taken on industrial trips to witness and learn the latest management strategies in action.

  • Internships: Internships is an important opportunity for applicants to differentiate themselves. More than half of all graduating seniors who sought a full-time job (53.2 per cent) received at least one job offer, according to NACE’s Class of 2019 Student Survey. 

The same survey also observed that a job offer was obtained by 57.5 percent of students who had an internship and 43.7 percent of graduating seniors who did not have an internship in this group. IMT Nagpur’s Summer Internship Programme, which is offered to all its students, will ensure that you receive the time and opportunity needed to prepare yourself as a leader of the corporate world.

These specialised activities along with the industry-oriented curriculum ensure that students are confident in their abilities and skill when stepping out in the field of business. IMT Nagpur offers PGDM in marketing, post-graduation in business management, PGDM in finance and many other options to the students.

Choosing one of the top PGDM colleges in India, IMT Nagpur, would provide you with greater opportunities for a successful career because of its modern teaching techniques and industry-oriented curriculum. The institute will also provide you with excellent placement support and a plethora of other career choices.

There are a lot of opportunities for students who are business-ready. Learn PGDM from one of the top PGDM colleges in Nagpur with placement at IMT Nagpur to achieve success in your dream job!