IMT Nagpur: Bridging the gap

If you have always thought that staying at a hostel means missing all the fun at home, then your perception would change once you visit the campus at IMT Nagpur. IMT-N provides its students with all the facilities in the campus to ensure that students at IMT do not feel homesick, thus bridging the gap.

From bringing in the utility items through PRAYATNA, to serving meals of different tastes and preferences in the MESS, the hostels have all the comforts and utilities. Festivals of different cultures are being celebrated by the OVIA, and the FNF delights our taste buds with all that we wish to have at home. It is truly a home away from home.

A classic example is the recent event of Navratra being celebrated in our campus. Contrary to anticipation, that the students would miss their home during festivals, they actually had a blast in the party organised in campus on the occasion.  The entire campus was geared up in the festive mood; with beautiful rangolis adding to the vibrancy. The Dandiya night saw the juvenile spirit of the IMT-ians, as they danced through the night in their colourful attires. The girls wore “mehendi” in their hands and the traditional outfits worn by many were a mark of how IMT respects every culture and lives like a family with very strong bonds and enthusiasm.

So if you still think that staying in hostel means just study, strict rules and boring lifestyle, come and visit the campus life at IMT Nagpur!

– Deepa Pillai