“IMT is in my blood” says Asim Kumar Verma

Exasperated, Tired, Fatigued could be the three words to describe my condition on the day I arrived at the campus of IMT Nagpur. The journey from New Delhi to Nagpur was quite tiring and my remaining energy was sapped by the rickety auto-rickshaw that I hired from the station. As soon as I entered the campus the lush green environment with red brick architecture had a much needed soothing effect on me. The chirpy sounds of the birds and the buzz coming from the nearby canteen further reinforced the lively culture of IMT. I hurried towards my room with a bunch of support staff to help me. I was delighted to see such a clean environment and my spacious room. I would have loved to catch up on some sleep but was informed that the registration process had to be finished before 5 pm. I rushed to the Learning Resource Center Hall and registered for the PGDM course. The journey to a whole new world of books, education, faculties and grades was about to begin and began after much apprehensions.

A year has passed and all my days have been as “fast and furious” as the first day on the campus. Numerous games, quizzes and competitively fought cricket and football matches have been a part of each of us in this PGDM programme. We have also pulled all-nighters before our exams and as well as enjoyed relaxing for a whole day upon the successful completion of a tri-semester.

Time has flown by at the fastest speed possible on this planet. In few months, we will join the corporate world, the world ‘out there’ for which we have been preparing all through. It feels that I was never more prepared for life than this before.

What will remain with us are the memories of caring teachers, loving friends and peers and above all, the IMT Campus.

– Asim Kumar Verma

PGDM batch 2010-12)