“Impossible” itself says“ I am possible”

Young ignited minds are a country’s greatest asset. We dream out of the box, the unimaginable; it is because of these ideas and out of the box thinking the society undergoes a constant change and evolution. When ignited minds at IMT brush against each other it creates passion and innovation. There is an entrepreneur, a leader, a revolutionary in each one of us; we believe in tracing our own paths or walking on the gravelled ones.

Student managers gain an immense amount of knowledge and inspiration from people like Mr. Suhaas Gopinath (world’s youngest CEO, Globals INC) who came to our college, shared his experiences and wisdom with us. Inspired by Mr. Bill Gates, at the age of 14 he became the CEO of his company and his experiences were such that he had taken leave from his organization to give his 10th standard board examinations. Such mind boggling and successful examples give fuel to our dreams and imagination. We start believing, living and working towards what others can’t see or perceive. Every day, be it during lectures, in the canteen or in our rooms, all of us are figuring out how to convert that impossible into possible and how to pave the way to our success, so that one day we inspire student managers like us. It is not only innovative business ideas, which are generated here, but also music, love and life. Most of these brilliant ideas come into picture when the entire student committee starts functioning and student driven ventures like co-op, Frost and Fun starts operating. During these hours of healthy interaction potential entrepreneurs and managers exchange their thoughts and ideas.

Today, at this stage of life, I believe that all of us are venturesome and audacious enough to live life on the edge. With people such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerberg, Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal in the past and present, we sure are the future, and are on the right track.

Madhavi Lila |Corporate Communication Committee

Batch: 2014-2016