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Importance of imagination – Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar , Director, IMT Nagpur

IMT Nagpur welcomes its bright new students into its fold. Here the director – Dr. Rajendra Nargundkar – Talks about learning, the importance of imagination,planning and achieving success:

IMT DirectorDr. Rajendra Nargundkar ,Director, IMT Nagpur

Before I begin, let me welcome every one of you to this wonderful institute – IMT Nagpur. It is ranked among the top B-schools in the country – a fact that all of you must already know. Being among the elite management institutes has taken a lot in terms of planning and implementing. Every element that goes into making an institute like ours complete has to be of the highest standards. Whether it is teaching, learning, infrastructure, size and space planning. Yet, the most important of all are the achievements and accomplishments of our students. These are what set IMT Nagpur apart.

Learning never ends. Nor does the imagination ever stop working. Both play an equally important role in the success of an individual. First he has to imagine what he wants to achieve and then apply his learning, knowledge into achieving what he has imagined.

Throughout your life, you will come across interesting ideas. Some may actually be good ones, and some great. And some may not. Yet, never dismiss an idea before exploring it fully, thinking it through. You have to know the hows and the whys of it all before presenting it to the world. That knowledge comes from experience.

The most important thing I’d like for every one of you is fearlessness. Because that is the single deterrent factor in anybody’s life. When you fear something, that something pulls you down. Whereas if you meet it head on, challenge it, the fear will change. Dissolve into nothing. Make yourselves a promise – never fear. Instead have faith, in yourselves and your capabilities, know you have no limits to what you can do, achieve. When you finish with IMT you are definitely going to be armed with knowledge, capabilities, analytical thought process, technological knowhow, presentation skills, some amount of management jargon and a method that will see you through every project.

Each member of our faculty is chosen with care. They are experts in their subjects and they are willing to guide, mentor and teach you all they know. Every one of them conducts and attends seminars and workshops to enhance their knowledge and track the changes in their fields.

The two years you spend here will pass in a flash – a flurry of activity. Some of you will change. Some of your views will change, and each day will be different. But the learning – priceless. Every member of our faculty at IMT Nagpur is here to help you, teach you and mentor you – putting their learning, their experience and their imagination at your disposal. For you to grow into a confident, competent and complete manager in every area of your life. Because one is dependent on the other. We are never divorced from our emotions and our feelings. Yet, we can train our minds into imagining and then into being.

It is a really liberating feeling to know you are at the threshold of your careers. What a lot of you may call ‘real life’. Well, in a way it is true, yet in a way it is not. Real life began the day you were born. And truthfully, every single day is as real or unreal as you would like it to be.  I am glad you have chosen to come to IMT Nagpur, and I welcome every one of you into this great institute. This is the launch pad of your new life – as a career person. Make the most of it.