Student Stories

“I wish to pack my bags and walk to the tiered rooms once more” by Kishan Kumar ,PGDM, batch 2010-2012

On 11th July 2010, I boarded the train to Nagpur. I had innumerable thoughts playing inside my mind. Little did I know that time that I am taking the journey to self- exploration!

Hostel life was new to me. I definitely had a lot of apprehensions, pre-suppositions, assumptions and fear of disappointments as well. But life in those two years had gallons to offer. Today when I walk down the memory lane, I see myself evolving from a shy- junior, hesitant and confused to a team player, a leader and finally- a survivor.

I believe IMT Nagpur just drills it into you to speak and get heard.

IMT Nagpur is a place where you learn the necessity to bring more to the table than just the food. The 2 years were full of buzz in the campus. It went full swing with activities and we always used to run short of time to explore but then that of course taught me a lot. It is only when you run against the clock that you realize the value of time in life. We learnt it that way.

Apart from back to back classes and lectures, life at IMT Nagpur for me was dotted with experiences like, interviews for different committees, forums running late into the night, solving case studies, heated discussions with friends, making presentations, eating in the cafeteria at 3am, sleepless nights, tea- breaks, meandering walk in the campus, etc. IMT Nagpur gave me a chance to make friends for lifetime. It has been a process of transformation for me, which I couldn?t have had a chance to undergo otherwise if not at a residential program at IMT. I learned to micro – manage things, which at times (of course) had disappointing results, but at the same time, it was something which wasn?t easy to let go.

Without looking back to the days of Milestone 35, IMT chapter narrative would seem incomplete. The annual event has taught me in galore. It is here I learnt that the essential part of management is to strike a balance between the mental and emotional state of existence. Management study does teach you that in the classroom but you need the exposure in the real life to understand its real value. We get that exposure right from campus and M-35 is essentially designed for the same.

To conclude, the past 2years in IMT-Nagpur has been a journey. In short, it was a corporate life roller coaster in a small package.

I wish from the bottom of my heart is to carry my bag once again and walk to the tiered rooms to be taught by the professors and spend time in the campus with my friends!