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I never needed to be ‘empowered’, I never will.

Leveraging the occasion once again, when Titan came up with its advertisement to change the way you look at a woman’s success, it made us (women) bask in the glory of womanhood.

More than that, it also made me look into the depths in being a woman. So for quite some days, months and as years went by, the term “Women empowerment” has echoed around me. May be, I was not that well adept on what to make of it initially. The literal meaning says “The creation of an environment for women where they can make decisions of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society.” But I was not convinced to take that definition for myself. Why should I?

So, here I am sharing what I could derive out of it. It may hold equally true for you or anyone who felt the same way, as I do now. Yes, I am a woman and with every breath of my existence I celebrate the fact. We are constantly reminded that our society is male dominated, but somewhere I definitely don’t agree to it. I have neither felt for once that I belong to the inferior gender nor have I ever felt the need of someone giving me a chance out of mercy or sympathy to rise and prove myself.

I never needed to be empowered, I never will.

I have all the strengths to aspire for my dreams and the choice sets of my life have alwaysempowerment
been mine. Yes, we do go through societal hardships at certain circumstances in life, which are not so pleasant to deal with, yet again it has never defined the limits for me. We are blessed with the capabilities to face whatever comes in our way and that too definitely without any favor shown towards us. We might have to go an extra mile, may be that is because ‘we can’.

Being empowered for me is the state of my mind and that state is the product of my thoughts. The seeds were definitely sown by my parents, teachers and various others along the journey, but the responsibility of building up on them was always in my hands. It has helped me evolve. I cannot say if I was ever ‘empowered’, but indeed I have ‘empowered’ my fellow beings, the beautiful souls who have crossed my life in a certain way and made a difference. And I take pride in that!

Anupama Victor | PGDM 2015-17

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