Student Stories


Where are we headed to as a collective? Penning down pieces, we think will inform or entertain. While trying to hold up a mirror to the world, we are not clear of the reflection.
It’s like being an objective observer while you’re seated on an airplane and everything appears to be far away. The largest relief is an insignificant dot- every plateau is just an aberration, every mountain an obstacle. It is similar to an armchair philosophy from a neutral position, feeding into our self-assumed sense of moral superiority.
What is this repulsion of difference? Is it deeply etched in our collective consciousness to unconsciously place ourselves on that airplane? Is this what we strive for? Is this what all our wide experience amounts to? Is this where we are headed?
In what is perhaps the behemoth of hypocrisy, I pen this piece, placing myself as an objective observer of the universe. An objective observer, who is obsessed with her subjectivities, refusing to brush away the thought that she is truly different.

Karina Parasrampuria|PGDM 2019-21