How Will I Ever Get Out Of This Labyrinth?

Simon Bolivar last words “how will I ever get out of this labyrinth!” are probably one of the strongest words ever.  Sitting on your deathbed for the last time, with your entire life flashing by you is when you really are able to reflect upon what happened. The things we do be it quantifiable or not but somehow have the power to change the course of this maze of a life that we live.


At one juncture or another of our journey in this world we always find ourselves entrapped in the enigma we call life. Humans have not really decoded the true meaning of living, let alone the meaning of happy-living. But still somehow we have decided parameters for the same. To us success is what is measurable or putting it in simpler manner whatever is materialistic. As kids things seemed so easy, there never existed something such as a labyrinth. Happiness was a much more realistic thing than a farsighted phenomenon only made for the riches.  As we grew up with every pebble that life threw at us, we broke down and things such as success, happiness started looking bleak.


There is a simple science rule “ Energy is never created and never destroyed”. We humans are not immune to this rule. Born from a single cell to this full-grown organic species with bones and mass, we gradually grow only to eventually turn into ashes. Buried in earth deep evolution happens and become coal for another bony man to dig us out. What then, then our burning brings him warmth while we turn into smoke only to be part of this earth all over again. So why do we waste so much energy over thinking what our actions will lead to if all of them lead to us becoming smoke. So does is matter if we go to this school or that, if we tell the truth or lie, no not really.


I think Bolivar might have not realized this, but the only way to get out of the labyrinth is to embrace it. Embrace the uncertainty that lies ahead of you, take a chance in life and maybe you’ll find success. If all you do is worry about succeeding and don’t enjoy the journey then all you’re doing is surviving.


No one in this world achieved their great perhaps by brooding over how much they want it. They wanted it so they went ahead and got it for themselves. We need never be hopeless because we never can be irreparable.  Sure we’ll make mistakes, some so terrible that they will make your heart ache, knock you off your feet but nothing will ever end us. We are meant to be part of this world for forever and beyond.



Kanika Kashyap |PGDM 2015-17