Hearty Paws.

Although it has been a long time, I can still rekindle the burn being felt when you brought me to your dwell. Being a chap then, timid and scared I was, laid at the corner of your room, sobbing. There came a hand, took me up and onto lap, it was you; amiable.
The moon hung up, but you did not leave, rather stayed there, petting. As the days rolled by, time did its job well, our boundaries merged. With you now, I started feeling free, secure; complete.

Bruno. That’s what you decided as my name to be. You had understood by now that I love playing with ball and you’ve pampered me very well with it. Neither of us will ever forget the quality time spent in the garden lawns playing, laying and those tempting treats from you.

Months rolled by, so did the years. Both of us saw each other grow as a man. Only difference was that as you were gaining strength, I was losing on mine. I saw you getting married and having children; I was glad as you would not be alone when I’m gone, for my end is near.

I thank god, for he brought me to you, my life could have been no better without you in it and together we spent the most enduring days of our lives. I keep no resentments against you; you were always right and have kept me with the best of your will. I apologize for the mistakes I did, you were stoic for not punishing me and I wish you still be the same for I am old now and my end is near.

Live your life and live it well and if there is a place after death, you will find me there, waiting for you, like I have always done while you were off to work; wait there for you to come and endure our friendship, keep it young.

Aarohan Paul
PGDM 2015-17