Have we taken it a bit too far?

There is no better sight than watching the stars glitter upon you as you sit outside your tent with a bonfire lit, enjoying the slow strumming of the guitar on a pleasant evening with your close group of friends. You tend to acknowledge the beauty of nature, trying to figure out constellations in your head, feeling complete as time moves on. Amidst a thousand unimportant thoughts that crossed my mind that day, it suddenly struck me, that what is life if we don’t have these people beside us? Sitting alone in the same situation would make me wander into thoughts I don’t want to recall and it is the people around us that make all the magic happen in our lives. It could be anyone, a close friend, a mentor, someone we look up to for advice or our close family who always care about us and look out for us. One thing in life we must all cherish and not take for granted are the people. It so happens that nowadays we are so consumed with the idea of materialistic happiness that we don’t realize how happy we can be by just interacting with people around us, or if not that, just enjoying the silence of the night sitting alongside someone. We are the tech generation, but I feel that we have taken it a bit too far. We look for WiFi everywhere, be it a coffee shop, a concert of a shopping mall; always wanting to show the world what we are up to instead of enjoying time with the people who are physically present with us that moment of time. We must appreciate the existence of people who care, people who love us or anyone who look out for us, for it is a fact that life does not stop if one person leaves, but I can bet that it surely doesn’t stay the same either!

Oshin Verma | PGDM- 2016-18

Oshin Verma