Guest lectures are currently an intrinsic part of any major B-school. They comprise primarily of eminent personalities from the corporate world who visit the B-schools and reach out to students aspiring to achieve a similar feat.

       Here at IMT-N the emphasis of guest lectures has burgeoned over the years to such an extent that it is now incorporated as a part of the curriculum.  There are subject specific guest lectures for each of the subjects taught. The students thus get an exposure of the multitudinous and ubiquitous roles in multinational businesses. These roles not only involve the broad categories of Finance, Marketing, Operations and HR, but also cover the subdivisions in each of the same. For e.g. Lecturers in the field of marketing compose of Brand managers, Product heads, Analysts, Sales managers and so on. The same holds true for finance and HR as well. This provides the students with ample insight into what they will be expected of in the future. Moreover, this is not a one way process. The students also get a chance to interact with the lecturer, ask them relevant questions and clarify their doubts. This empowers students to have a crystal clear understanding of their subject and decide which particular area of a particular specialization enraptures and equips them to make better career choices.

            This phenomenon of guest lectures has been greatly acknowledged among B-schools primarily due to the illimitable value that it has to offer.


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