empowerment, motivation

Good is the enemy of Great

It’s very convenient and easy to pat your back on a job well done. It’s very easy to feel good about yourself when you have done better than others. This is exactly what stops many of us from achieving greatness.

But how do we realize our true potential. How do we challenge ourselves to do better when we think we have reached our limits. Well the answer lies deep within us. There is no magical formula no alchemy and definitely no self-help book.

Well I would like to share what works for me. If I think about the magnitude of the task in front of me then the sheer pressure of any task will bring me down. The procrastinator inside me would ask me to quit already. Therefore I only think about the next step. Every great journey begins with the smallest first step. Set a small target, achieve it, only then move ahead. I am sure you too have some way or the other to nudge yourself. Self-motivation may not be enough in some cases. This is where your role models or mentors play a very crucial part. They may or may not be people you personally know.

In the end I would like to add if we do not want to fade into obscurity after we are gone then we constantly need to strive for greatness. In any field of work, be it a car mechanic or a white collar CEO, we need to do a better job today than yesterday!

Prateek Kore | PGDM (2015-17)