From Dusk To Dawn

The eternal, the ultimate, the peaceful, and yet the brutal, the difficult truth of life is ‘CHANGE’. From evolution of mankind to evolution of knowledge, to evolution of technology, from the era of apes to the era of robots, the rotation and revolution of flux has been a never ending process. On one hand, 7.1 billion people are involved in the continuous series of change and churn and on the other hand, far in galaxy are the whacking  planets existing in darkness and pin drop silence and completely immune and indifferent to the sound, loud cries, relentless pain, sacrifice, achievements and ‘evolution’ of life. However, the black and silent world of celestial bodies doesn’t stop the process. It continues, with greater reasons and more emotions.

The daily rush in life has made us to not to pay heed to the macro and micro changes that we have and we can inculcate in us through experience and learning. This is because sometimes we get so involved in the present’s small pain that we tend to neglect the future’s big success we can achieve by accepting the scenario and not mere harboring from it in a different scary world of depression. We tend to ignore that just like little drops of water make the mighty ocean, so does every human irrespective of the mass population, matters. Legends, business tycoons and even film stars have been through, realized and shared the fact that there is no success without failure. No new door opens till all closes. No dawn without dusk.

The announcement was enough for her to speed up. And as she tried doing so by pushing some fifty people that came in her way, her senses were unconscious to the sounds of some thousand footsteps moving hurriedly, from pillar in post in the railway station. Immobile and insensitive to the loud and lively ladies compartment, she stood at the edge of the gate with some thousand thoughts running all over and yet an empty brain.  When the phone beeped at 7:30 p.m. the body got conscious. Read the message, looked down at the moving rails, then looked up at the dark clouds, took a deep breath and read the message “PERSONA NON GRATA” again. She knew that it’s a far way to go and the night has just begun. She spend the entire night in the rain her eyes brought. Unsettled. Sitting and standing. Waiting for destruction. Wanting her life to end. Wanting to scratch every cell of her body and bring out the blood but these wouldn’t do away with her failure. She was both hopeless and helpless. The next day was similar to the last night and so was the month. Day in and day out, she somehow survived.

In life, we come across situations where we find ourselves in a deep dark hole with no ray of sunlight and emptiness all around. Situation where life loses its purpose and the existence of one’s self becomes inanimate. According to WHO, eight lakh people die out of suicide every year and there are many more who attempt for it. How alarming and disheartening is the fact that they couldn’t find a reason to exist in this big planet that they got lost in oblivion and nobody knew. People fear being rejected and unaccepted by the world. They fear being called a failure. They are harassed and mentally tortured in the race to success. Few run harder after falling down and few never get up.

One day when she was lost in her world, trying to include herself in the alarming number, she received a phone call from her friend who was willing to meet her the very day. Though she didn’t intend to, she shared everything with her during coffee. The stars changed their way, her moment appeared and she found her mentor. Day in and day out her friend trained her. Slowly, the wounds started healing though the pain remained. She couldn’t forget how she fell but gradually got the willingness to complete the race. Her gestation period began, and the night got darker and she realized that her relentless efforts and pain had made her much stronger. Perhaps, the phone call was like a rope for her to come out from the dark hole.

Months later, she gathered enough confidence to face the world. She changed and came back as a completely different person. She knew this time she wouldn’t care for anybody’s acceptance of her success or failure. A new mind set, a new outlook, a new soul, new skill sets and new strategies. The D-Day arrived. It was 4:00 a.m. she opened her eyes, got out of bed and looked outside the window. She couldn’t resist extending the corner of her lips looking at the BREAKING DAWN. It’s time for magic and that the day has just begun, she said to herself, and it’s a far way to go!

Isha Rajput | PGDM 2016-18