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Forever Love

It is not love when; you always have to back it up with your deeds. Love, neither acknowledges borders nor does it judge your days gone or the days yet to come. It just bewitches and allures your today, your togetherness.

They say, love is something that cannot be seen, it can only be felt. Well that’s true, pretty
much of it. Love someone truly; it is only after this that you’ll apprehend the endowment of it. You’ll head for something, somewhere you’ve never been. Sometimes you’ll be frightened but will be ready to learn, of the power of love. You’ll feel like you’re into something, something real, and something that is beyond just holding hands and spending time together.

A red rose or a diamond ring does not assent love. It is in the early morning whispers. Not the hours of long conversations but in the silence. Living a life together is the trend, but holding onto each other’s body and feeling each move made, is love.jxbc

Being in love and being loved, together builds heaven. Sometimes you’ll be embarrassed by how much you love a person and will be surprised by how much they love you. You came with nothing into this world but you’ll definitely take love when you depart.

Love is not a treasure to be kept buried, it is a treasure you spend all your life. Don’t rush to find it, let it find you and make you understand its sanctity and charisma.

One cannot describe the fathom of that feel he experiences by spending his entire life around that very soul he deems as his own, his soul-mate.

It is a thin thread running between the partners who are madly, unabridgely, profoundly and passionately living their life for one another. It has the capability of making and breaking the world. Something which you cherish with the days added to your life, daily..!!

Aarohan Paul | PGDM 2015-17