Student Stories

Follow your dreams…

I’ve seen folks hurrying in the human race. Everyone who attends a business school, hopes to land a nice career with a decent income. Students fail to consider developing their skill sets, which eventually lead to their desired outcome. Dreaming alone will not get you there; but, living your dream while going the extra mile will. Follow your dreams is just a three-word phrase, but the person who understands it, will brighten his life and the lives of others around him.

Management training doesn’t just confine to one’s placement or business opportunities, but it is also a fascinating program for everyday life, which develops a vast array of skills in a person. Stop seeing management as merely an academic pursuit. It’s a voyage of revealing ‘who am I’; ‘why am I here’; ‘what am I interested in’; ‘where I want to go’; and ‘when is the right time to step-in’. This will allow us to define our life’s purpose.

After completing a year of management studies, I realized giving purpose to your life is like a kid learning to stand and moving forward cheerfully. Do not misspent your life, give it a purpose and let it move pleasantly. Building purpose helps in creating a master plan for your entire life.

In addition to defining a purpose, start leveraging the wealth of resources you have at your disposal. To get to your destination point, you must use resources creatively and construct a path.

Good luck for chasing your dreams.

Aanchal Mahajan
PGDM (Finance)
Batch 2020-22