Find Your Funk

How many times has it happened with us that we are unable to express what we feel? Sometimes we even fall short of words to convey our message. And sometimes, we are just not able to open up. Many people face these situations on a regular basis, especially introverts. The thing about introverts that is mostly talked about is how they aren’t able to interact openly, or how too much of socializing gets overwhelming. But isn’t it also about how we would like to express ourselves? Sure, we have our freedom of speech, but not everyone feels comfortable enough to speak in front of a huge crowd. The idea is to find our way expression which not only makes us comfortable, but also gives us the much needed confidence. The idea is to find your funk. The funk that’ll be your own, and make your presence felt in the crowd. The funk that you’ll be known for.

Expressing is the very reason why people interact, to tell each other what they think and feel. Everyone wants to be heard and be seen by those who matter. It’s just a question of how you would want to go about it. No mode of expression is right or wrong, good or bad. The thing that is important is to express, to share opinions and show concern. Some would prefer sharing through their writings, while some would just want to share their feelings by showing concern. A mother would express her love to her child by being after them 24×7, while a father would express his love just by satisfying their materialistic needs. There’s nothing wrong with either. It’s just about finding your own funk. I found my funk in dance. Being an introvert myself, it takes me time to open up to others. But a totally different version of me is brought out while I’m performing. The version that once brought out becomes my identity that defines how I am. Apart from making me comfortable, it also gives me the confidence and the sense of belonging. It’s the energy source that gives me a boost, when people start knowing me for my funk, apart from just recognizing me by my name and face. Once we find our funk, we’ll realize what it means to us. It’ll become our own way of opening up to the entire world showing what we truly are beneath this layer of shyness and nervousness.

It is very important to make our presence felt to our loved ones, if not the entire world. At the end, it’ll be for only those who matter and mean something to us. Being recognized by our name is one thing, but being known for our funk is another. It gives the positive vibe which all of us should have. So let’s find our funk, and own it.

Himanshu Chiripal|PGDM 2016-18