The products of different brands find their way into the chambers of our imagination as essential requirements for asserting our identity, status and providing us recognition. The youth across the world are struggling to find the right kind of opportunity that would fulfill their fantasies, which are born by a glimpse at the shop window. India is a fantastic market that can be exploited by the multinationals to fill their coffers as the ever growing population of our country is a potential and flourishing market.

Money is a very good slave but a very bad master. This fact is further highlighted by the harsh realities such as unsafe working conditions, long hours of work with low wage rates, lack of environmental measures while carrying out business activities that is being continuously ignored by the customers, who get swayed by the glittering items at the shopping centers. All of us are a victim of this dreadful process. There are workers whose bosses lie about their working conditions, leaving them unprotected. Sometimes the real hours for which workers have worked are not even shown in their pay slips. The managers prioritize the cost and quality of the product with safety being least of their concern. The instances when they are held accountable, they tend to play the blame game and escape compensation.

Some of the renowned luxury brands have been found to pay less attention on corporate ethics and sustainability of their operations. They need to take the environmental issues under consideration while making business decisions. Usually people who buy from these companies do so to fulfill their desires. They also expect the process to be in check so as to prevent child labour and slavery. Thus, there is a need to find a better way to manufacture affordable things without harming people.

It is completely unacceptable to charge such high prices especially when they do not even ensure safety and justice. Moreover, these reputed brand names are nothing but a justification of the mistreatment and abuse. It sends the message that we all are in some way or the other part of such establishments.

Shivangi Agarwal | PGDM 2016-18