“Lightening never strikes twice at the same place” seemed to be a bit of fallacy to the South Africa cricket team on a gloomy evening at the kiwi land. Players like AB Devillers and Dale Steyn were on their knees and sunk their faces onto their palms. “Not again!” shouted the skipper. The probeas succumbed to one more World cup knock out defeat owning to a reason which can be barely attributed to their ineptness. The world cup semi-final fixture against the host New Zealand clearly looked well within their grasp at one point of time. Thanks to the ‘Rain God’, the heavens opened up and started pouring rain drops that trickled down the South African’s fans. The contentious DL method was brought into the picture to the dismay of the visitors and thus resulting in an anti-climax for the fourth time in cricketing history.


Moving away from cricketing analogy and moving across to a yet-another-ordinary bloke in the Southern part of India, we intend to draw a parallel. Hailing from a typical Tamilian Brahmin set up where excellence in anything other than academics is considered vulgar, and being an average all through his life at that failure is …… concept to him. During November 2014 when he embarked upon yet another journey to the CAT exam center across the outskirts of his hometown, little did he profess another dismal failure. CAT 2014 was his fourth attempt to get into a prestigious B-School entrance exam and as to how he has failed in his previous three attempts is a mix of logic and mystery. For an uncertain exam that of CAT, failure is both rational and irrational concept. Few failures in overwhelm and underwhelm you for the same time and CAT was one such learning for him. How hard he tried, how much effort he had put in, to what end he had sacrificed, become immaterial to the outside world and fade away like a puff of dust when one fails. It is tough to figure out why both had failed, then said, there will come another world cup and so will CAT 2015. Both the mentioned faced failure believed, “failure is just the means not the end”. They will march on with only one climbing force that is ‘Hope’. As Tom Robbins famously said in the classic cult Shawshank Redemption “hope is a good thing, probably the best thing and no good thing ever dies”.

Gopal Padmanaban | PGDM 2015-17