Failure defines success

Negatives and positives-The two aspects on which our life depends. If things are good, it gets added on the positive side whereas bad on the negatives. But can both of them individualize themselves? Can they stand on their own? Will the positives be recognized without the negatives? Will happiness have a meaning unless sorrow is felt? Will the success be the triumph unless failure would be the ‘footstool’?

To catch the fish the cat has to get its paws wet. To get the taste of success, which is sweet, we will have to sweat. In the meanwhile, if a rock comes rolling towards us, we will have to accept it and remove from our path to clear our way. In today’s world we find lack of acceptance. Failure normally gets accompanied with the soul which tends to lose its hope easily; this is not the law of nature. The law of nature demands evolution and this is not always soothing. Its other side can be seen as turmoil, pain, sorrow, failure, distress, agony. People fail to realize the principle of life. They have lost the inner peace today. As a result, they fail to convert the negatives into the positives. They have surrendered themselves to their ‘defeat’. People are busy proving themselves, giving competition to their peers but they fail to learn while competing. They believe in the hook and crook method which is sufficient in destroying the sanctity of the man’s world.

It’s time for beings to recognize the light within themselves instead of searching the one outside. It’s time to locate the inner peace in order to prevent the destruction outside. It’s time for cloud with a silver lining to be discovered by every individual.

By Tanu Ahuja

PGDM 2014-16