IMT Nagpur

Exchange visit to IMT-Nagpur highlight of Benjamin Weber’s academic career

For exchange student Benjamin Weber, his experiences at Institute of Management Technology Nagpur have been the most interesting achievement of his academic career so far. Weber, from FH Kufstein Tirol/University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol, Austria, said he chose to come to IMT-Nagpur, because: “It is different and a different approach is needed, for your personal and your professional development.” In narrowing down his options to IMT-Nagpur he said he considered “the education level, culture and the best experience.” He was impressed with India right from the start – on his drive from Nagpur Airport to IMT Nagpur Campus, noting how different India is compared to places he has visited in the past. “The campus is similar to an oasis – a green place without any distractions from outside,” he said. “The interaction with the people is as easy as you can imagine. They are interested in talking to you and there is no boundary to talk about anything. I do really appreciate the open mind of the people here at IMT Nagpur.” Saying there are three ways to handle your stay at IMT Nagpur: “Hard work, work as per required and party occasionally or just relax and party,” he noted he has chosen the first option, but added“it is hard to resist and I adapted to the IMT Nagpur specific night-day schedule.”

Everyone thought he would have problems adjusting to the food in India, but food is not an issue, said Weber. He said he adjusted to his new diet “after 10 days or so” and the main difference in food is “the different flavour and especially the excessive use of oil.”

The system of education didn’t present any hurdles either, he said “The system is more similar than I would have expected it to be,” said Weber. “What I appreciate is that you are encouraged to ask whatever doubt or question you have. All members of my classes and especially the faculty members who taught me know my effusive way to ask questions.” During his exchange visit he has learned a number of things – not just in the classroom, but in dealing with people in general.

“I got an impression of the mindset of the people,” he said. “I learned to be more patient and I learned how valuable your emotions can be.” Weber said his favourite quote is “Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch” – Steve Droke/Ivern Ball.

Applying that to life he said it means “It is in your hands. Just do what you want to do. Don’t do anything else.”