Student Stories

Everything happens for a reason

“When everything is right, something is not right”, says my dad. It was proven right to me, most of the times with the various curve balls life had thrown at me and eventually, it did to my brother. With the new and great experiences that my brother had with the dawn of his college life, he did face a rather demotivating incident. A few days ago, my brother scored less in one of his exams and sought comfort. In comes my cousin, who relieves him with these soothing words – “Everything happens for a reason”.

We are quite a philosophical family.

So, as inherited, I wondered that for whatever bad that happens in our life, we believe there is a reason why God wanted it to occur.

But, is God a sadist, who takes pleasure in this? Couldn’t He show the right path through different means?

The image of God laughing at our ill is unfathomable. If that was true, God is evil, a contrast to what we believe in.

Yes, everything indeed happens for a reason. But the reason has nothing to do with something divine, rather it is a more simplified rationale.

Consider this basic example- when you scored less in your exams; lack of preparation, spending too much time on different social media platforms, the fact that you were sick on the day of the exam, could be some of the reasons why it happened.

Reasons are plenty, but God is not one of them. Then why do we blame God for all the bad things that take a toll on us?

The simple reason being, it is convenient to blame God rather than owning up to our mistakes and rectifying it. God has indeed planned something special for all of us, but if we don’t work towards it, then we are creating our doom, wherein God has no role to play.

Don’t sit idle and let everything happen to you. You make everything happen. God is just our guiding light, illuminating the path, but it is in our hands whether to follow it or not.

Everything does happen for a reason and that reason is us.

Ajit R Thomas | PGDM 2019-21