It was a beautiful morning in the spring of 2015, pleasantly sunny indicating wonderful days ahead. It had been about two years since I had seen my brother and due to all the work pressures my father was rarely staying with us, touring almost twenty days in a month. My college schedule was also hectic due to which I used to be away from home for around eleven hours in a day. The only person craving the presence of all three of us together was my mother, who would stay alone in the house cooking, doing the daily chores and sometimes probably watching her favorite daily serials on the television. Life had been mundane and monotonous for each one of us and the essence of a family was somewhere getting obscure in the quest for a competitive and successful career.

In today’s globalized world, where competition across the globe stares at your face it becomes difficult for a person to realize the value of one’s family, one’s home. We all go out, away from the people we love, to make a prosperous living for ourselves. However, we all are tied somewhere to our roots, more importantly to our families. We can only stay away so much from them. At the end of the day we do crave for an opportunity to be together with our families, to spend some priceless quiet moments with them, to relive the childhood memories when there were no expectations, no goals, no necessity of making a living, an innocent and honest love for our parents and siblings. I too craved for it, my mother was craving even more, my father and brother were silent sufferers, out of home to make successful progress in their careers. But that craving was soon to be met.

My father returned from his usual meetings and was relaxing on our settee watching news when suddenly an advertisement came up promoting Switzerland Tourism. When I returned home from college, my mother and I, used to watch these travel shows and wonder if we could ever go for a trip to such a beautiful place. That dream was seeming to become reality. My father called my mother and me and said, “Wouldn’t it be nice to make a trip to Europe?” It had been years since we four had time to travel together to such an exotic destination, with no shackles of our mundane routines and chores of professional life. I ecstatically explained, “Amazing!”. I called up my brother and told him about the plan. He was very happy, albeit economical in expression. We started planning for a suitable date and fixed the 14th day of August 2015 as our travel date. I saw it as a day of independence, independence from the chains of our competitive lives, independence from the race to success, a redemption of a life that was lost, a rejuvenation of the memories that were only captured in those black and white photographs. A chance to live my childhood again, with the people I loved the most, the people who mattered more than any seven figure salary, more than any awards, more than any other worldly appreciation. No matter how big a palace we may build, we will always find happiness in that small house where our family stays together, where we can happily fight with our siblings, where we can eat those simple dishes cooked by our mother, where we respect our father and sleep beside him with our heads on their bellies. The trip we made to Europe brought us together in an ever binding bond. We realized no matter where we stay, our home is where our hearts meet, our home is our family. Take some time out, be with the woman who never expects you to buy her any gifts, the man who never asks you to achieve any target, the friend who would never compete against you, but protect you from all dangers and perhaps help you financially sometimes. Yes, this is the story of my father, mother and brother, the three people who would never turn against me no matter where I stay or what I do, and whenever I return home I am loved as much as I was 20 years ago. A family never fades, never goes away, it’s your shadow, it will stay with you forever.

Shubhashlok Dwibedy | PGDM 2016-18

Shubhoshlok Dwibedy