Student Stories

Endings Can Be Beautiful Too

Ever thought how this world will end? Okay don’t go that far. Ever thought how your day will end? Did you even think for once that right after reading this piece of writing, what will be your state of mind? We never know what future holds for us. We cannot predict how things will turn up. All we can do is embrace the present and live it to the fullest.

But that’s exactly one thing we all forget to do in this fast pacing world – Live! The only one thing we are here for. It is all upon us how to live our lives. Every day can be happy if you enjoy every moment and cherish every little good thing that is happening to you, ignoring the little hurdles that come in your way. Life can be devastating if these bad things hold a bigger share of your mind. One should live their days keeping in mind that this minute, this second, this moment right now which is ticking away is never going to come back again, ever! You are losing the time you were given to live. Does this thought give you Goosebumps? It does to me.

But we do try, to be happy, right? No matter what difficulties we are facing, we try to settle up with things. We try to adjust with situations so that things don’t end up in an unexpected way. We try our level best that we could become a person who is happier and regrets less. Alas! It doesn’t happen that easy. It’s all mind game. Your perceptions i.e. how you perceive things matter. Some people like sunrise whereas some find sunset beautiful. Some focus on how things start, others focus on the end result. The well known saying “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” is again based on how you perceive situations. So in the end it’s all about us, how we as an individual take things up. It’s not the situations that are happy or sad, it’s us or our reactions that make them the way we treat it. There is only one thing and that’s living what comes the way it is. So stop worrying, avoid judging and start living this amazing journey called life. Forget what it all ends up with, endings can be beautiful too.

Gauravi Rajput | PGDM 2018-2020