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En Route to Happiness

We all have our way of looking at things and that is what perception is. What we believe to be true might not even be a fraction of it. As humans, we have a tendency to believe only what we want to and not what reality is. As a result, we end up blaming ourselves or others, even when there is no one at fault. In order to lead a better life, why not shift our paradigms and explore life a bit more?

One thing that can always motivate you to turn the tables in your favour is to believe in your goals. When you believe in yourself, you motivate yourself to work more towards achieving your dreams and the journey becomes memorable. Giving up on things or being indifferent towards them is very easy but what adds to your growth is the courage to fight and survive, even when you are unwilling to do so.

Think about this- if everything you wanted was given to you on a silver platter, would you value it the same way you do now? The answer is obvious and I believe it is rightly said that, ‘it is more about the journey than the destination’. As you move forward in your journey called life, you unravel new things and understand their value and they eventually make your decisions better. When the going gets tough, learn to believe that whatever happens, happens for the best. It will help you face unpleasant situations and act as a reminder that no matter what happens, you have to accept reality and the sooner you do it, the better it will be.

So, how about enjoying the little moments in life, like making someone smile, having pani-puri, or even receiving a compliment. Wouldn’t life be a little brighter? When we celebrate these moments, the journey towards achieving our dreams will become even better.

Ratika Bhalotia | PGDM 2017-19

Ratika Bhalotia