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Embracing the Pain

Every girl is excited to have a fairytale teenage, where she can fly like a free bird, take risks, fall, explore her identity, make mistakes, get love, make friends and memories.

Memories that she could cherish for lifetime.

The little 15 year old wanted the same beautiful chapter to be inked in the books of her life, she imagined an energetic and enthusiastic life. Until one fine day, reality hit her hard, making her life a battleground, battle for life against death, making it gritty.

An unbearable pain was on the way, a situation no parent can see their child going through. It was like the universe punishing that little angel for something she never did. Hundreds of questions and queries in her mind and heart.

 Why me? Where was I wrong? Why cannot I live like every other child? Why should I stay away from the world? How will I win this war?

She was shattered, bewildered and broken, expecting everything to be just a dark dream which will fade away as she wakes up. She was taken away from her small world of bliss, friends, school, family and her dreams. Dreams were distant for her. Dragged away from the world into a dark room surrounded by walls where she had to win her struggle, struggle for life. She was now a cancer patient who had to win to live her life and go back to the world she desired.

Gathering the fallen pieces, she was searching for a ray of hope. Hope that will motivate her to stand still in averse to approaching end.

She discovered that the light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of the oncoming train, she realized she was losing the crux of her identity. Every day, for next few months, she was getting weaker, losing her body, numbness was all around her. She could not walk, eat or talk properly.

Like a body losing soul.

Those repercussions were mentally killing her. Not being able to stand on her feet was making her fall to bits. That place witnessed her inadmissible torment. The heavy dosage of medicines were hard to gulp, those injections were like scars that reminded her of the suffering that she was going through. She was submitting herself to this treatment gently, and somewhat reluctantly, taking whatever each day had to throw at her. She was strong enough to tackle all the bloodshed and scramble towards the odds, she had to be.

As days passed by, she was getting pale and dull. Life was sulking out of her body. Once being her best mate, the mirror was now her enemy, she even hated her reflection. She was running away from her own self. Those nurses could never become her friends, they were like demons who were the reason to all the troubles that she was going through. Throughout the journey, her parents never let her fall and lose faith. They were the strongest connection that kept her going. They were the only reason that she survived all the torment. Her mother was standing against all the flaws, battling against the destiny to win her daughter back.

After 6 months, finally the good news arrived that gave her family a reason for joy. Faith and hope won the war against aberration. She was saved, she got a second life to fulfill her dreams and desires. To live the life she always dreamed of.

No matter how much she had to suffer but this phase made her stronger and she realized that she was capable of fight thousands of battles coming her way.

 She emerged as a hero. Hero of the story of her life!

Srishti Tejwani | PGDM 2016-18

Shrishti Tejwani