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Dream Catcher

There is a trend that has been spreading in a contagious manner across the globe; to own a beautiful ‘Dream Catcher’. It is a belief that it will free us from all the bad omens and negative aspects of our dream and will turn it into something fabulous with a feel-good factor. This somehow makes me wonder- why not we be the dream catchers of our own destiny!

Just as a dream catcher is believed to filter out all the bad dreams and filters only the good ones to flow in, why not we channelize only our positive energies and trash off the negative ones so as to move forward in achieving our dreams. Life would be a lot more simpler and happier if we focus on looking at the bigger picture and leave behind the trivial setbacks and our superficial fear of failures.

Just like the beautiful web in a dream catcher, let us integrate our thought processes with our heart and form a clear path to our dream, sync our stars to our wish and make sure that they come true.

Akanksha Gohil| PGDM – 2018-20