Dr. Ravishek Kumar, IMT Nagpur Alumni – “The Oppurtunities For An MBBS-MBA Profile Is Bigger Than One Can Imagine”

“When I entered IMT Nagpur for the first time, I had a clear idea about my future. I wanted to make the best use of my MBBS degree along with the degree from IMT Nagpur which was on my way. I knew an MBBS-MBA profile would prove good but I had never anticipated it would be this great.”

Dr. Ravishek has recently moved to Religare SRL as Manager – Medico Marketing which is India’s largest diagnostic firm besides its presence internationally and offering services in Pathology/Radiology/Wellness diagnostics.

“The organized diagnostic sector is in its infancy stage in India, and is still evolving. As of now only around 10% of the diagnostic sector in India is organized. Therefore the Industry is sitting on a boom, and will need expert marketers to sustain this growth with a CAGR very near to 15%.”

Talking about opportunities in Medico Marketing, he said, “one can judge by the fact that on the day I was to join Religare SRL, I had four offer letters from different MNCs hailing from Vaccine, Pharma and Diagnostics domains.”

After passing out of IMT Nagpur, Ravishek’s first assignment was with Quest Diagnostics, the global leader in diagnostics. He worked there as an Analyst before moving on to GE Healthcare as a Specialist.

The job at GE required Ravishek to travel a lot across different parts of India. As a bachelor he did enjoy this bit but with his marriage, his priorities changed necessitating the move to a better suited career at Religare SRL Limited.

“My profile at Religare SRL utilizes my Sales & Marketing skills as well as my Medical knowledge and this is what I wanted from my MBA degree.”

Talking about MBA, he says: “MBA makes you ready for the world full of fierce competition and is the gateway to too many newer opportunities in your life. It gives you extra wings to venture out and explore.”

Ravishek is a diehard fan of Prof. Pradeep Mazumdar (Faculty, Dept. of Marketing, IMT Nagpur) whom he finds a very genuine human being and a dedicated professional.

“Life at IMT, Nagpur was an exotic experience. The lake near IMT was a fabulous place where I used to go too often during night hours.”

He also remembered his living room at IMT. “Its location was fantastic. It was at an advantage point from where I could literally monitor the entire IMT Nagpur. It had a huge balcony where I would sit out in the night with my friends for all sorts of leisure activities.”

His message to his juniors at IMT Nagpur: “Live every moment of your life, contributing your best in the process, because life is for just once.”