What is the wait for?

Is it the rejection that brings contentment?

The ache is there but it has been buried,

So deep into the unconscious

The pseudo beliefs and stereotypes,

That brought me closer to reality,

Was it real at all?

What am I heading towards?

Is it another meaningless emptiness?

Is it the right path?

I don’t know, I don’t believe

It is different than the wall that one builds and hides in,

To protect the sentiments and vulnerability

In search of remedy I continue

The answer lies within the blurred horizon,

The answer lies within the unknown

The lines between surreal and real,

Has eroded and disappeared

Both have learned to share a peaceful co-existence

The harmony is at times alarming,

The cry that surmounts the sorrow,

It is not the cry of rejection,

It is the awakening into reality

Times have passed and tears dried up,

Halfway through the cheeks

Before they could reach the destination,

What is the destination?

I wonder…

Tanvi Pandey | PGDM 2016-18

Tanvi Pandey