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Convocation Blues

It was a fine yet hot and humid morning of 4th march 2016 in the outskirts of city Nagpur, a place where it all began. Suddenly yet most wonderfully numerous memories flooded her mind as if it was just waiting to be recalled.

Every morning used to be like a race against time and little tradeoffs between a leisurely breakfast and getting ready for class. Being late was never an option. Breaks between classes used to be filled with new stories on the regular topics, assignments, first lectures, and weekend diaries.

As soon as the classes would get over everyone rushed for a cup of tea from the highway-side stall outside the alluring campus and some would resort to the bustling canteen. The captivating dusk mustered the sports enthusiasts at their respective courts and fields for a revitalizing match, while some found there blissful retreat to the library. Dinner was followed by long walks on the pathway and hanging out near the hostel blocks. Late night pre-reads and presentation preps used to be a fun filled experience.


Beautiful birthday surprises, freshwell parties, and of course the dreaded exams! It was all like a lucid moving picture which she could replay a zillion times. Her mind came racing back to the present! She was staring at the A4 sheet which read ‘congratulations on successfully completing the PGDM Course’. She was not sure what filled the void that she instantly felt. Was it a feeling of euphoria of having a master’s degree or the grief of having completed the most beautiful years of her life? She realized how everything would change from this moment. Yes, everything!

She was dreading it since the past whole month. Since the time, everyone started using #OneLastTime. In a few hours’ time, she would be a certified post graduate who would be walking out of the very same gate through which she peeped inside two years back to sneak the oblivious. She smiled as she realized that it’s just the beginning of an end and all she has are these wonderful memories which will help her to brace this end!

Neha Singh | PGDM 2015-17

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