Student Stories

Content & Strategy Go Hand in Hand

“Content is king” as quoted by Bill Gates in a 1996 essay that was published by Microsoft. We all have encountered this quote at least once in our lives, cliché but true. It was the e-commerce boom that brought out the significance of this statement.

Content goes way beyond writing blogs and designing social media posts. I like to view ‘content’ as an opportunity that only the right minds are able to encash upon. It helps organizations to achieve their business goals such as brand awareness, engagement, loyalty and likeability. Content is used to instil trust and produce strong brand-driven connections. Is having the right content enough?  

‘A well put content is necessary but not sufficient!’

Quality content with the right marketing strategy can give the organization an edge over its competitors. Especially in the era of the internet, where any communication is just a click away, an efficient management of content plays a vital role in the success of any organization. The essence of well-written content may get lost due to a hasty marketing plan and a poor implementation strategy. Moving ahead without a strategy might confuse your potential customers and ultimately create chaos. Hence, if Content is the King, Strategy would be the Queen. Without the queen, the king stands no chance against the competition.Every organization should lead the game by the three basic yet very important rules: know whom you are communicating to? How do you want to communicate? And, when to communicate? Customer engagement should be your ultimate goal, as it creates a strong base of loyal customers. Now, that you have your army ready with the king playing by the strategy, it becomes easier to survive and win the battlefield.

Palak Punetha
PGDM Marketing
Batch 2020-22