Student Stories

“Comfort – A Perspective”

I was 15, when I was first told by my parents that a time would arrive when you need to compromise with entertainment and give up most of the luxuries provided by us to know the real worth of money. I recall it vividly as I always used to question myself – I am just like any other kid belonging to a nuclear middle-class family, and have never urged them to buy me anything which had an exorbitant price tag, henceforth, yet what kind of luxuries are they even talking about? But growing up and living away from family and handling a decent amount of cash in hand to manage monthly expenses for a few years in Mumbai, I realized that it wasn’t only the expensive materialistic needs they referred to, it was majorly the comfort zone which they had created around me with the help of those necessities.

Comfort is that umbrella term which brings all 3 categories: underprivileged, middle class and the rich, under the same roof, but is perceived with variant perspectives. It is to say, life serves each one of us differently. To some, luxury seems like a distant dream, while the others are blinded enough by privilege to take a lifetime to notice the plight of the rest. Comfort is a very subjective term if we break it down. Keeping comfort aside, even necessities like water and air are tough to come by for some. “Comfort” and “Privilege” go hand in hand. To sum it up, I would like to quote Doctor Strange, “Comfort is a privilege, one that is earned.”

Tushar Dhanwani
PGDM Marketing
Batch 2020-22