Student Stories


‘Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you.’
-John C. Maxwell

Choice is a powerful word. People often contemplate the benefits of making a choice, but they fail to discern the fact that the very power of choice lies within us. The power to make a choice, be it good or bad.

Life is not necessarily easy. There will be numerous moments where you will meet a dead-end, where the path will be filled with thorns, but what you have with you, is the ability to make a choice- to sink or to swim. Consequences are something that you will deal with later. The only thing under your control, at that very moment, is the choice you make.

Seventy-five percent of all animals act out of instinct, and are obviously unable to provide a rationale for their behaviour. Humans are endowed with innate decision-making and it is pivotal in crucial situations

Science has confirmed that a significant amount of cognitive energy comes into play while making a thoughtful choice. Also, when a decision is made, the haunting of options not chosen, often called as the opportunity cost keeps on nagging our mind for a very long time.

It is extremely important to evaluate the cause and effect of a choice and to anticipate the rewards and the threats that come along with it. The power of choice is yours, and yours only. So, if you can prevent regret by making a conscious choice, why shouldn’t you?

Anant Bhat | PGDM 2019-21