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Changing face of Business and Economics: In Conversation with Dr. Veena Pailwar.

Dr. Pailwar shares her insights on changing face of business and economics, her advice to the future student and managers and what she loves about being a faculty in IMT-Nagpur. Here is the text:

Dr. Veena K. Pailwar


“A good student is primarily exam oriented; whereas a great student would go beyond the course syllabus, update himself or herself with the latest developments, and contribute to the class discussion by posing relevant questions and sharing his own understanding of the subject”



Q.1. How do you see the future of business/economy in India? In the world?

Structural reforms in place in India in the form of demonetization and Goods and Service, I see the growth momentum to be picking up in the period ahead. Given the huge young population of the country, if we improve the quality of human capital, we have a huge potential to achieve rapid growth and emerge as the world power.

Q.2. Tell us about a book that has been inspiring and you will recommend that as a must read.

The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Q.3. Do you think that the world of Economics has changed significantly in the past decade? 

Rapid technology advancements, urbanization, demographic changes and financial globalization have definitely changed significantly the taste and preferences, and purchasing behavior of consumers. These changes also have significant impact on the ways the companies’ trade, procure and sell goods, services, components and capital. The impact of these advancements is also on the organizational structure of the companies. Traditional governance practices are widely getting replaced by flat and hybrid organizational structures. The major forces of changes have also influenced the geo-political and economic structure of the world.

Q.4. How has IMT-Nagpur kept its pace with this changing world?

In concurrence with the rapid changes on the global arena, continuous restructuring of the content and pedagogy of the various programs offered by the institute is taking place.

Q.5. What do you love about being a faculty in IMT-Nagpur?

Its serene environment and diversity of students.

Q.6. What all challenges do you see for the future managers and business leaders?

The period ahead will be intensely competitive. Students need to prepare themselves to face all the major changes that are taking place in the world.

Q.7. Any message that you would like to convey to future students of IMT-N?

Good health, positive attitude, high moral and hard work is the mantra for excellence.

An alumnus of Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune and Cambridge University, UK, Dr. Veena Pailwar is a professor in Economics area. Prior to joining at IMT-Nagpur, she had worked in XLRI, Jamshedpur. Dr. Pailwar loves gardening, has an eye for Interior decoration and she is an enthusiast of Naturopathy, Ayurveda and other alternative medicines.