Love Dance

We take elite, barrel, axle turns,

Like angels in the sky.

You leaning against me,

“Lying in your arms”,

It surely feels like heaven.

She is there.

Life prevailed when we were together. Her nagging, caring, fights, love, everything had its own beauty. Coming home was colorful. She would always be ready and together we could talk for hours about anything and everything.

Forsaken Memory!

After an inordinate length of time, he finally decided to glance through her suicide note!

Years back, that day, nobody was aware when she started choking. The aroma was tender. It felt like every object in the room tried shouting at her to not to kill herself including that little diamond earring lying on the bed, which he gifted her on her birthday.

A Courier

They both had grown together sharing the same chapters of their stories. Words would fall short to explain their bond. Before one could speak, the other knew exactly what he/she wanted. Sarcasm and wits had been their usual way to address one another.

Unspoken Words

Little did she know that he had turned around and started walking back towards the car too, with a tear that he resented, rolling down his cheek!

Forever Love

Love is a thin thread running between the partners who are madly, unabridgely, profoundly and passionately living their life for one another.

Hearty Paws.

You will find me there, waiting for you, like I have always done while you were off to work; wait there for you to come and endure our friendship, keep it young