Carpe Diem

“Enough! I’m the commander of my wind, no one tells me how to flap my wings and when or how should I fly. I’ll do things as my heart pleases.” Said Melinda to her boat’s sail, which was taking her into an uncharted territory despite her efforts. We all are the same people underneath; the fundamentals are the same when you compare two people. They breathe the same air and drink the same water. Well one’s air might be more or less polluted than the others and the water maybe packaged high-end sparkling one as we see in Haley Berry movies and others can be the raw water as we see in Anurag Kashyap’s movies, but it’s the same. What part us from others is our soul and our spirit.

Melinda was not always this strong spirited and adventurous soul who would take a decision like sailing across the Mediterranean bay alone. She was once this always mumbling and scared girl who wouldn’t dare say anything to anyone. What changed her life was this same frantic nature of hers. Melinda met Sam when she was in her senior high school. They were both sophomore and Melinda being herself had never liked being in a crowded place, let alone a crowd full of teenagers raging with hormones whereas Sam on the other hand was a people’s person. They had crossed each other a thousand times in the corridor but she had never dared to look up at him and smile back. She was scared that he might approach her and ask for something, even if it was a pen Melinda would not have the courage to give it to him. One day while in chemistry class Sam and Melinda were made partners. That is the day that marked the beginning of this new Melinda. Their friendship grew, one where they shared their thoughts and talked for hours without any obligations to one another. Sam usually used to be the one who talked more, making him irritated at times, as he wanted Melinda to share too. But she was scared of saying something embarrassing and at the same time she knew that not talking might lead to end of this friendship.

sunset sailing womenTwo years have passed, they are no more in high school and it’s time for each one to part ways. Melinda isn’t happy but she didn’t express it. Sam had gotten into Harvard law, his flight left in a week. They spent most of the week apart. Before leaving Sam left a note for Melinda – “The only thing that binds you is you yourself. Let go and the world won’t stop revolving, it might just take you along with it on a ride. Make a memory out of each second that passes by even if it is bad, at least it’s yours to own.”

A cold chill shook Melinda from inside. The soul that had stopped her from opening up fought hard, but Melinda was determined to change the way things are. Sam had gone away and she couldn’t even tell him how much she would miss him. Although she knew he hadn’t gone forever and would come back home eventually but the moment had passed now and that was irreversible.

After a year that Melinda decided to take the trip and ended up becoming an inspiration for a lot of women in her society. They saw her as this independent and driven lady, no more a girl and wanted to be like her. They envied her life and thought of how she would have been like this all her life, a born leader they called her.

We all can be like her if only we start seizing the moment and have faith in ourselves. Friedrich Schiller once said “Lose not yourself in a far off time, seize the moment that is thin”. So learn to hold on tight to the present as hard and fast as you let go of the past.


Kanika Kashyap | PGDM 2015-17

Formal Pic