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5 Career Advantages of Completing a PGDM From IMT Nagpur

A PGDM program is for students or professionals interested in pursuing a career in management. While the program’s goal is comparable to that of an MBA, a PGDM is significantly more evolving owing to its autonomous nature. Pursuing the program from good PGDM colleges in Maharashtra or anywhere in India allows for a relevant understanding of the industry and operations, providing students with practical expertise.

According to India Today. “…a person holding a PGDM degree is more likely to score a higher position in a company because of his practical acumen.” The article further adds, “…as soon as the market opens up after the lockdown, the corporate world will start to look out for managers with diverse skill sets further enhancing the relevance of a PGDM program…”

The beginning of the pandemic resulted in the loss of more than 73 lakh jobs. It encompassed everyone from entry-level employees to upper management. With the existing lifting constraints, those open positions necessitate the hiring of a qualified individual. Companies will increasingly hunt for tech-savvy personnel who can work flexible hours. It is due to the impact Covid brought to every industry.

Companies would also like personnel that can connect with and sympathise with their subordinates on an emotional level. This talent would help employees deal with the mental stress caused by the epidemic while producing effective output. 

The gap in the market can be fulfilled by ready students graduating from institutes that prepare them in all areas of the management industry.

IMT Nagpur: How the Institute is Raising the Bar in Management Education!

With its industry-oriented curriculum, IMT Nagpur has emerged as a pioneer among management colleges in Nagpur. IMT Nagpur is considered one of the top colleges for PGDM in Nagpur owing to its excellent teaching standards, practical learning modules, and use of industry experts on the ground.

Apart from that, it is also considered one of the top PGDM colleges in Nagpur with placement opportunities. IMT Nagpur’s PGDM program is a two-year program with optional disciplines offered during the final two terms. These subjects provide an understanding of the student’s chosen specialisation.

The PGDM program at IMT Nagpur is meant to develop students and mould them into industry managers and leaders. The program from one of the top PGDM colleges in Maharashtra gives information and knowledge on how an organisation works to increase its efficiency and production.

IMT Nagpur mixes academic knowledge with practical elements of business, allowing students to fully grasp topics and their consequences for organisational strategy.

IMT Nagpur’s methodology includes lectures, classroom discussions, case studies, group discussions, special sessions by industry specialists, management games, sensitivity training, and industrial tours.

5 Career Advantages of Choosing IMT Nagpur 

  • Networking Opportunities

One of the prime advantages of choosing an established institute like IMT Nagpur is the networking opportunities presented. Students are regularly interacting with existing and future industry professionals. This allows them to establish contacts and understand the current and future market scenario. It’s normal for networking to lead to opportunities. The only thing you won’t know is when or how they’ll appear. Whether it’s a referral, a partnership offer, or a request for your service or product, it’s critical to be ready to grasp chances as they arise.

  • Readiness For The Field

With top-notch facilities, an industry-oriented curriculum and proven pedagogy students are prepared for their role in the field. The biggest role is the practical knowledge imparted during the program duration. IMT Nagpur’s curriculum is geared at providing students with opportunities to get in-depth knowledge in several fields while also preparing them for the job market. In addition, towards the end of the First Year, each student is expected to participate in the Summer Internship Program (SIP). To achieve the best outcomes, this is done in an organisational environment.

  • Placement Opportunities

It is also one of the top PGDM colleges in Nagpur with placement. IMT Nagpur’s placement team has regularly contributed to strong placement campaigns. Its goals include not only improving statistics but also providing a brighter future for its students. Byju’s, HDFC, Hero, Birla Sun Life, KPMG, L&T, Nielsen, and Reliance are just a few of the well-known firms that attend IMT Nagpur’s placement drives each year. With a maximum package of sixteen lakhs per year, IMT Nagpur guarantees that students who graduate from the institute are given the opportunities they deserve. It is one of the reasons why IMT is one of the premier management colleges in Nagpur.

  • Practical Understanding Of Tools & Scenarios

Students at IMT Nagpur are equipped to deal with the industry’s concerns and difficulties on a more than academic level. For practical comprehension, they are provided working knowledge of the study content through projects and presentations. IMT Nagpur also offers specialised lab courses in a variety of fields, such as marketing lab, leadership lab, investment lab, and so on. Students in groups must develop a unique concept, define its intended market, direct/indirect rivals, clients, business strategy, and other elements. Students create their ideas from the bottom up and are encouraged to put them into action. Throughout the years, a few organisations have successfully formed and operated their businesses. It allows students to put their understanding of management principles and abilities to the test by seeing how well they fit in real-world market settings.

  • Selecting Your Future Role

IMT Nagpur features a one-of-a-kind Entrepreneurship Cell among management colleges in Nagpur that provides students with the chance and abilities to pursue a unique professional path. IMT Nagpur’s Entrepreneurship Cell strives to encourage creative thinking and entrepreneurial impulses in students. The Cell seeks to do this through hosting seminars, contests, and interactive sessions with notable persons who serve as role models for personal development and company development.

IMT Nagpur’s accreditations and rankings as one of the top colleges for PGDM in Nagpur reflect what the students achieve in their academic, professional, and personal life. Their education has a far-reaching influence that extends well beyond the bounds of traditional academic discipline.

IMT Nagpur is one of the most sought-after PGDM colleges in Maharashtra owing to its dedication to student advancement and improving their career prospects.

It should also be the prime reason for you to select one of the best PGDM colleges in Maharashtra now!