Student Stories

Breaking the Stereotype

There is a lot of disparity between men and women in almost every field.

Women in general, have always been handed a blueprint of their future, probably for the next 20 years and their careers are expected to revolve around those pre-defined instructions which someone else planned for them. This infuriated the feminist in many.

The society has a weird perception about how a woman should be and fit in the squares built by society. We are told that life is going to be harder for us and that we have to fight battles bigger than any man ever will.

Statements like, ‘Don’t cry like a girl, don’t run like a girl’ are blatantly used by all. Since when did ‘like a girl’ become an insult? Gender bias is more of a habit than a conscious decision. More than educating men to respect women, we need to encourage our girls to start taking pride in who they are.

If women make themselves heard, people would listen. Many people disregard the points or suggestions made by a woman in any field. However, with the success that women bring to the table, it is better to say, ‘Wrong is the New Right’.

Women don’t claim to be superior to men but they surely are no less. It is high time we break the stereotype because if we don’t, then women will completely lose their feet in this vicious world.

Suruchi Gupta | PGDM 2019 -21