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Beyond Limits

Why do students take admission in a B-school? What is that motivational factor that entice MBA aspirants to go through the gruelling process of taking entrance exams, facing the dreaded results and then the battering group discussions and interviews? I have been introspecting these questions ever since the day I stepped inside IMT, Nagpur. After interacting with my peer group, I realised I had the answer to all my questions. Some students take admission to shift their career path, some to get a good placement and some get a post-graduate degree to become ‘educated’.

Today, in the education industry, terms like return on investment, payback period and placement record are being used to measure the viability of a B-school. However, these parameters are not exhaustive. One of the main reasons why it is so, is because most of the aspirants want to be ‘qualified’ rather than being ‘knowledgeable’. A B-school provides you exposure which no other educational institution can provide. Guest lectures, industrial visits, presentations, case studies and much more provide meaningful insights into the business world that a student manager will face in the future. Faculties step beyond the limits of books and class room walls to transfer their knowledge to the students. They inspire students to think beyond the bookish definitions and understand the very construction of the definition. Interactive sessions with dignitaries from the corporate world allow student managers to learn from their speeches and experiences. Students also get to learn from their peer group. Not everyone is perfect; some are bad at time management and some are bad at making presentations. Watching their friends excel inspires them to follow suit and surpass them. ‘If he can do it, why cannot I? If he cannot do it, why not try?’. This is what makes a student ‘knowledgeable’.

IMT, Nagpur has instilled in me the spirit to be ‘knowledgeable’ rather than being ‘qualified’. To learn something new, one does not need to be inside a classroom. They can learn anywhere in the campus. From the vibrant flora or fauna of the campus to the red brick walls which it adorns, from the pure sunlight in the morning to the blanket of stars covering the sky, everything is like an open book, waiting to be read. It is a place which has made me realise that we set our own parameters, our own limits and it is only we who can reach beyond the limits and become successful in life.

Ankit Choudhury | PGDM 2017-19

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