Behind the Mask

A competing-era, nothing-at-halt, you-lose-i-win, i-am-the-best-and-i-will-be-the-best. This is how the 21st century’s reality can be jotted down. In our quest of seeking the light, we forget that darkness is the status quo of the universe; the darkness beneath our masks is the real glint. All else is an aberration, a flicker, a scar. Eventually, everything returns to nothing. The miracle of life is that we spend it seeking the light in front of our masks. So for leaving your mark which is less than a scar, you need to be an au fait self. You have to remove the mask built by the people to unleash the real you and get yourself bogged down. You have to be aware enough to let your charisma win the hearts of people and make you a happy-go-lucky. Removing the mask will help you stand out in the crowd and that is the quintessential factor of the most   successful people. Success is not just equivalent to a bucket full of compliments and 5-stars rating, but success lies within the real you. It is your own self who has to overcome his bloopers and exit the comfort zone to enter the luminary zone. The mask will have blemishes which will downgrade you but the sheer real you will be pious enough to inspire the society. Probably negative winds will follow you but then you need to get yourself good tidings from them too because this is the most beautiful part of the people without masks. Grooming up the quality of camaraderie is everyone’s cup of tea in today’s social networking era. But letting your individuality emanate from that group is the real success. You have to chip off your personality to understand your strengths and weaknesses, the absence of which will only leave you with a potluck. So today, vow to your conscience to put that mask aside and let your pure self be the mainstay behind your success. Beyond doubt, this is the status quo for immorality before morbid.


Ridhima Rastogi