From infancy to old age, the one and only thing that is constant is change. How chubby cheeks change to wrinkled faces is all what we call “change’. Change is an inevitable part of life. Every single thing that we can think of is subject to change.

Taking various instances of change and delving into the topic from various perspectives, we can sense the presence of change. Over decades we see evolution of human beings : from apes to what we are today and from inventing fire to discovering the kind of technology that leaves us amazed. We not only witness physical change in human being over the years but also how feelings, emotions, relationships and everything changes. Talking about human values itself, it is ever-changing and has changed over generations and also across various nations. As liquid takes the shape of the container in which it is poured, we human beings mould ourselves to the environment we live in : WE BE WHAT WE SEE. The lifestyle of people changes with age and also the company that a person keeps. Not only this, the way education has been taking place is also changing and becoming application oriented lately and is also subject to amendment in the upcoming days.

Social issues prevailing in different part of the world has also exhibited changes. In our nation itself we see that women empowerment today is one of the most talked about topic and widow remarriages has also become a common phenomenon. The Entertainment world also has unleashed changes. The trends and types of movies and music has also been dynamic. It is ever changing catering to the versatile demands of the public. We see  change in God’s creation itself. When we be to a place and visit the same place again in few years we tend to observe what the place was then and what it is now.

It is very significant to get accustomed to the ever changing environment in which we live and understand that every change that takes place has something good coming up with it.

Radhika Rathi