Student Stories

Anand Krishnan, IMT Nagpur 2010-2012 Batch – “When I look back at my alma mater, I look back with a sense of longing”

A journey, a sojourn, a ride – what could be the word to best describe my time, the two long years (they feel so short now) at IMT Nagpur? I don’t know the answer, not because I am short of words, but probably no word in the English language can define the time I spent there.

All said and done, my time at IMT-N was undoubtedly the best experience of my life for many reasons. One reason that stands out was the quality and quantity of learning I received within the confines of the residential campus – definitely inside the classroom, but more so outside ! The intensity of those periods of ‘teaching and learning’ is only realized after one leaves the place. Learning from your peers, colleagues and all other people with different perspectives you come across only enhances your understanding about the ways of the world pertaining to every aspect of life, and that is why I believe they call a ‘B-School’ a “finishing school”!
When I look back at my alma mater, I look back with a sense of longing, wishing time had stood still so I could have been there longer. My time at IMT-N prepared me with a greater sense of understanding of the ways of the world, to take the plunge/dive that will see me “stand on my own feet” sometime in the future. I hope I make my alma mater proud and repay it in any manner possible for all it has done for me.

Thank You IMT-N