Student Stories

An Under-performer’s Take on Success

When did it begin? When was it that you began relating yourself to this notion of an under-performer? Hard to remember but even harder to forget! It was when you felt those eyes were not paying attention, when you lost that unjustified battle. Yes, you want to scream aloud, only to find your confusing thoughts. Over time, it has been such a promising partnership which you share with this tag of an ‘under-performer’ and you can hardly think of associating with something that is beyond this unruly alliance. It is like the unruly tuft of hair on the forehead, which doesn’t cease to be a part of your personality unless you go for a haircut. But unlike this tuft, this feeling and the understatements attached to it cannot simply be trimmed off.

The habits and the characteristic traits of such a person cannot be bleached white by any chlorination method. Mark my words, not even an acid treatment would do any good! Does this imply that there is no other way out? Well then, such a person would rather be doomed than coming to think of spending a sunny holiday in Hawaii. You certainly cannot wake up one morning and start undoing all that you have been doing every other day, something that defines who you are. It would take an honest and promising test of your patience and an even mightier push on your determination, accompanied by closer and deeper scrutiny of your conscience, which may not be quite pleasing. Then maybe you can start taking your very own baby steps towards a better and improvised ‘You’. I guess, that is what they call success. It sure would demand a great deal of effort to polish and varnish your once rotten and faded skills. No, they weren’t that bad, but then, they were no good either. Maybe you would start appreciating the sunrise with a glint in your eyes, not that you wake up early now! But at least you don’t simply slog away your nights watching movies, only to wake up and doze off again. This incessant monotony that nearly killed your creative bug, would soon be revamped and replaced by a night that ended up reading one of your favourite cult classics or developing a code which when left unfinished wakes you up early the next morning. There is no definite pattern set that decides your success. Rather, it is the minute details of the life that we spend with ample focus on relationships, love, warmth and the level of satisfaction, similar to what a developer feels after finishing a code with the most accurate output in the minimum time. No, just kidding! All the tiniest details of what defines the better `you’, conjure up to make you raise a toast to success and taste it. Wait, did you just think I was the under-performer all along? Now, I leave it upon you to figure out.

Rohit Acharya | PGDM 2019-21