IMT Nagpur

An experience called Knowledge

Every step in life starts out as an experience, a moment of sunshine, a splash in the rain, the first day of school all distinctive ideas yet  so very refreshing and novel. Every trail of life turns out to be a teacher with a pool of knowledge so vast it surges through the gates of our guarded minds.

Standing at the edge of a cliff ready to dive, similar was the anxiety of the students that entered into the gates of IMT Nagpur, a simple step one would say but never is a step forward simple enough; this is the life that we chose, a new experience that we want to live. The moment of entrance into IMT, all hearts beating and just then; its vastness engulfs you as an open ocean calling for you to join its tides of knowledge.

Every facet of IMT transforms knowledge into an experience that only further amplifies with the uncovering of the features it has to offer.

Be it a sports arena that makes you want to compete never seeking a triumph or a loss; or be it a canteen that initiates laughter and moments of pleasure; or be it a library filled to the core with the greatest gifts ever known– books. IMT Nagpur gives rise to pragmatic learning, divergent thinking and social education enlivened through a class apart methodology of vigorous debates, discussions, researches and practicum that plow into the depths of experiences to last the continuum of life.

The experiences that we gain in life make us who we are, it portrays us and when knowledge is gained through so many moments of living and reliving, learning becomes natural, almost effortless, it defines us.

Returning back to the edge of the cliff that everyone was headed towards, the cliff is clearly metaphorical since a plunge into IMT does not end in the fall that is infamous for most cliffs but rather signifies the wings that swell into the immeasurable sky, IMT develops potential and converts it into a progressive flight towards the holistic development of an individual, of a society and of a future.

By: Bakul Malick

PGDM 2014-16