A Tribute

Teacher’s Day makes us remember our favorite mentor-protege duo. Whichever stage we are in our life, be it school, college or work, there is always one person who puts new challenges in our lives. This reminds me of the epic Hindu fable Mahabharata, in which Arjuna and Dronacharya shared a very special bond of teacher and pupil. Dronacharya saw immense talent in Arjuna and put a number of challenges in his path to make him the best warrior of that time. It is always the one who actually recognizes our potential, who pushes us to our limits to bring out the best in us.

As a child, I loved my favorite teacher because she was always smiling and sweet to me. At the same time, I feared a lot of teachers because of the challenges that they put in front of me.  We often fail to realize that we are only put to these tests so that we come out as a better and improved person. The time and effort that our teachers invest for our improvement can never be repaid in any form. To quote an example, when I was in 10th grade, I was afraid of Mathematics as a subject. My faculty in school used to give us new questions to solve and I would hope he didn’t call out my name the next day in class to solve it in front of everyone. Much to my fear, one continuous week, it was me who was called up to solve the question. I would wonder how he knows that I am afraid of that particular subject and still embarrasses me in front of the students who are absolutely perfect in that topic. To avoid the embarrassment I started working extra hours and pushing myself to the point when there wasn’t a single question from that particular chapter that I couldn’t solve. The day I went up to my faculty and told him I am not afraid of the subject any longer and can face any challenging question he put in front of me, he smiled at me and there was a slight trickle from his eye. That made me realize how proud he felt to have removed the fear in me. He told me he knew I had the potential; it is just that I wouldn’t try!

Teaching is the most selfless profession where the hard work you put in is reflected in someone else’s performance in life. To this date I am thankful and grateful to all those people who have in some way or the other pushed my limits so that I can be a better person, a better human being. We must all realize the fact that to teach someone is to touch a life forever!

“To the world you may be a teacher, but to your students you are a hero!”


Oshin Verma | PGDM 2016-18