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A Snap of Branding: Snapchat | Snapdeal

“What’s in a name?” quoted Shakespeare. Alas too often we have observed innumerable unfortunate real life episodes taking place time and again by the misfortune of such a confusion.

 Speculating the current story of Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel belittling the Indian market as a “poor country”, not to mention its adverse impact on Snapdeal; it provides a great opportunity for Marketing Enthusiasts to learn the paramount difference between “Brand Identity” and its adjacent sibling “Brand Image”.

In a glimpse of the existing scenario, many people have been degrading the ratings of SNAPDEAL on the google playstore in place of SNAPCHAT, which goes on to prove how oblivious an average consumer is to the difference between the 2 well established Brands.

Just to untangle the muddle:

Brand Identity: It is the way a company wishes to develop their identity/image in the market vis-à-vis the way a firm wants its brand to be perceived in the minds of their target customer and differentiate themselves(being unique) w.r.t. their counterparts.

Brand Image: It is what you as a customer; have an impression about the Brand. Unlike the former, a Brand’s image cannot be created, rather it is an emotional/mental connect that a customer tends to develop with the Brand.

Now if we merge these two Expressions we could say:-

Irrespective of whether a consumer uses your product/service,

The “Brand Image” established in a Consumer’s mind presents a sketch of how far an organisation has succeeded in developing its “Brand Identity”. 

Rubin Alex | PGDM 2016-18