hope, life

A second chance

The sleepless nights, the nightmares, the past that haunts us, the stories that we have buried inside us for ages, the darkness that we are stuck in. If you really have come across such incidences then as I proceed, you must have had a flash which wasn’t pleasant. My apologies for that! As I look out through the crowd, I wonder how everyone must have a story and how they choose to ignore it.

Give yourself the strength to live with the fear within and don’t let the fear take over you. Some create an unbreakable shell around themselves instead of fighting with their fears. With time these fears turn you into a person completely different, living a life completely different to what could have been. Yes, its easy said than done but at the end you are the master of your life. It’s like we live in a virtual world, where nothing is actually real, and the way we think is to ignore it or get used to it.


Yes, there is a lot of bitterness that came from the Pandora’s Box but there was also “Hope!” You have to give yourself the strength to believe in yourself! I believe everything has a way, a different angle to look at it, no matter how big or small it is. Maybe you don’t see it. So express! Maybe by acknowledging, things might get simpler. So confess! And at the end it’s you who wants to live and exist in a real happy world where you can just crash on your bed and fall asleep into beautiful fantasies. So face it! It’s worth it. Don’t let fear get the better of you. Give yourself the chance to love yourself and be what you really want to be.

Shubham Chakraborty | PGDM (2015-17)